It’s January 11, 2015 and there are 27 million slaves living in the world today.

But you thought slavery was abolished January 31, 1865 right? I used to think that too.

Yesterday, my college sector of the Set Free Movement held a simulcast prayer event with a church from Seattle. During this prayer time, a speakers said something that really stuck out to me that hadn’t occurred to me before. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it, but yesterday changed the way I look at human trafficking.

Human trafficking is not a battle against people. Against flesh and blood. Against hard-hearted pimps. It is a direct attack from the devil himself.

This sounds like bad news right?

Actually, it brought me great hope to know it was a battle against evil principalities. Why would this give me hope you ask? Well, because I already know who wins this war. Jesus wins. God wins. Good wins. Love wins. Every time. This knowledge makes my prayers all the more bold and powerful.

Spiritual authority has been a common theme recently. Let this truth give you boldness as you pray today: if you are a believer who has accepted Jesus Christ, you have spiritual authority. We share in Christ’s royalty. We are blessed and highly favored. God hears our prayers and He will act. What will you do with the authority that you have? Will you choose to do nothing with it? Or will you break chains?

Exercise the gifts God has blessed you with!

The same power that lived in Christ, lives in us. The same power the apostles have lives in us.

God does not need us to overcome slavery. He could do it all on his own. But he chooses to use us!

Join in the fight against slavery..

Join in the fight against the evil one and his schemes.

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.


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