There are only three days until I leave for Blantyre, Malawi. Three!! It honestly doesn’t seem real, but I don’t feel any fear. I feel safe knowing that God has his hand over this trip and me. I know with full assurance that this is where God is leading me because of the connections of me going on this trip and a prayer I prayed almost five years ago.

In 2011, I participated in a 30 Hour Famine event with my youth group at the time. I had been involved with this event twice before, but my heart was calloused to it because I hadn’t yet accepted Christ in my heart to live and dwell with me.

In this fast of 2011, our focus and funds were sent to Malawi, located in southern Africa, surrounded by Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

During this event, we all sat cross legged in a darkened room lit with 100 tea light candles. Surrounded by silence, our youth pastor began blowing out one candle at a time, every seven seconds. The extinguishing of each candle represented the loss of life of a child under the age of 5 due to undernourishment.  Smoke filled the room and eventually the room was entirely dark. I sat there thinking, “What just happened? How did I just sick back and watch 100 innocent children die?” My eyes filled with tears and did all that I knew to do; I prayed to God that He would use me so that this never happened again. Little did I know that this one sentence prayer would lead me to Greenville College, which led me to Agape Scholars International, which  is now leading me to be in Malawi in 3 days-the very place I fasted and prayed for in 2011.

I may have thought that that prayer was for the entire world. But maybe really it was just for Malawi, maybe just for one child.

I write this all to show that God has spectacular plans for each and every child of His. It is a blessing to look back and know that God has been guiding my steps all this time.


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