12510275_880858515345594_2116465062705222687_nI have been to the richest country in the world. Well, not by material means I suppose. If we are gauging wealth based upon material possessions, then Malawi is the poorest country in the world.

Where Malawi lacks materially they are wealthy in every other area. Wealthy in joy. Wealthy in kindness. Wealthy in bravery. Wealthy in strength. Wealthy in love. Wealthy in laughter.  Although they are poor in terms of clothing, food, water access, housing, and education, I can honestly say that Malawians are far more rich than even many Americans. Far more wealthy than even myself.

Because of their rich character, it is time for America and other “rich” nations to finally acknowledge their strength, courage, and dignity. It is time to help lift and carry their load, but not out of pity. They do not need it. They do not deserve our pity. They deserve our admiration.

It is time to help ease the burden because we admire their strength.

Their character and heart have far too long been overshadowed by their plight and television commercials showing only a starving child with tear streaming down his face and flies around him.

They have missed the laughter in these children. They have missed their goofiness. They  have missed their humanity.

They are not our charity case. They are our heroes.

Malawi has been so humble and the time has come for them to be lifted up-to be rewarded for their efforts. It is time for the world to say, “We see you. We notice you. We have seen your strength. We have seen your character. We want to reward you with our help.”


Do not grow weary Malawi, help is on its way.


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