I’ve been living in France for about one week now. My apologies for waiting so long to make an update. It’s been quite crazy an exhausting adjusting to the new time, language and culture.

As I began preparing to study abroad, long before I ever knew where I would go, I prayed to the Lord “please, just don’t let me go alone. Please give me just at least one other person with me and I will go wherever.” 

Unknown to me at the time, that person ended up being my brother Ryan. Although, originally we thought we would live in Grenoble together, Ryan was placed as an English teacher an hour and a half away. 

Ryan and I in Grenoble

So, the end of August came and we flew into Genevea, Switzerland. 

Geneva, Switzerland

After much confusion, exhaustion and hunger we eventually made it to our train in the nick of time and headed for the small village of Aime La Plagne. On board the train, we befriended a likeable English couple who happened to be taking a vacation at the small town of Bourg Saint Maurice where my brother works. At the time, we were unaware of how divine this new friendship was.
cute little village

Now, let me tell you a little something about French public transportation-they wait for no one. Because we were both traveling with 60 pound suitcases and struggling to get them off the train quickly, Ryan lost his backpack with every valuable item possible basically.

My host family graciously allowed him to stay for 5 days while he anxiously tried to plan how to survive in France with no money for a month before he begins working in October. When he returned to Bourg Saint, the British couple had taken his backpack to his place of employment! It was a miracle!

This is but one example of how the Lord guided our steps to the right place at the right time in order that we would cross paths with a kind couple who would later deliver our miracle.

Yet again, I saw God faithfully guiding my steps as I prepared for my French language placement test.  After studying the entire summer for this test that could determine the rest of my academic future, I set not one, but two alarms for 7:00 am the morning of the test to ensure I would not be that person who oversleeps on such an important day. For the first time, I would be traveling using public transport on my own without my brother. That is, until I discovered my roommate would be heading to school at the same time. Therefore we made plans to go together, leaving us both relieved.

Now, fastforward to the morning of my test. I hear knocking on my door.  In comes my roommate, “I thought you wanted to leave at 7:30?! It’s 7:40!” Behold, neither of my two alarms went off. Let me diverge by saying it takes a solid hour to get to Grenoble University via public transport. Because of God planning for us to ride together that one day, I did not miss my test but arrived exactly on time! 

All of this to say, “The Lord is with me wherever I go. (Joshua 1:9) whether that’s to a test or on a train, God is faithfully watching and guarding my steps. 

Me in Grenoble

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