I’ve officially been living in Grenoble for a little over one month now. Unfortunately, I have been slacking terribly with my blog writing, which I enjoy oh so much.

Living in France has been quite the adventure thus far. It has been challenging in ways that I never expected. Challenge number one:speaking french.

“J’étudias le français depuis cinq ans.” I have been studying French for five years- four of those years were in high school. Unfortunately, as is the case in many schools, French is not a popular course option with many opting for the practical Spanish route. In my case, French was the third language of my teacher.

Of course, French class in high school gave me a decent foundation built high on vocabulary, but it lacked practicality. I knew a lot of words, but not how to use them in everyday conversation.

Once I entered college, it became more difficult to learn French. Again, French was the second language of my professor after Spanish as he is from Mexico. Spanish dominates my university, while there are only three French courses in total offered.

Living in France, my French has improved in such a forceful way. In other words, I am learning so much by falling flat on my face day after day in my attempt to understand and communicate. With that has come the smashing of my pride. I must reach out for help daily-something quite difficult for an independent woman like myself.

Although it is difficult to express myself and open myself up in a different language, it is worth it. “Mistakes are the proof that you are trying.” Although I may mix my words up and have awful grammar, it’s worth it to see the native speaker’s eyes light up because they see and celebrate the fact that I am trying.


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