Here is a memory from my time in France.

Yesterday, God caught me by the most beautiful surprise.

After many dark and gloomy days, Grenoble was having a warm, sunny day. On a long break between classes, I decided to go on a walk throughout campus to soak up the sun as much as I could. All of a sudden, two unknown french female students approached me. They asked in french, “Would you mind if we ask you a kind of bizarre question?” “Okay, why not.”, I responded. They proceeded to ask me if I had any back pain. Odd…why are they asking me about my back pain? I responded, “Yes, I have quite a bit of back pain,actually.”

In the moment, I was not quite sure what was happening. Was it something they had to do for a class? Or, were they representing some student union, like the countless other students who had been approaching me in recent weeks? In the midst of being flustered trying to understand and respond in French, I finally realized that these two women were Christ followers. They asked me if they could pray healing over my back. Excitedly, I said yes and that I too, was a follower of Christ.

What they couldn’t have possibly known was that I actually suffered from a fracture of sorts in my fifth lumbar, an ongoing, chronic injury that I have had for almost two years. In addition, that my spine was weak due to a genetic hole in my lower spine. Although I have overcome the period of sharp pain, I still have daily chronic pain that keeps me from being able to overexert myself, or do many activities that I once enjoyed.

The women placed their hands over my back and called on the name of the great Healer to ease the pain in my back. All of a sudden, a tingling sensation came over the injured area.  I discovered that my back had loosened and that a great deal of tension was released. My back was not completely healed, but there was new flexibility and movement that I hadn’t been able to have in over a year.

While I don’t know if my back will be entirely healed, because of that moment in the center of the University of Grenoble Alps, I was reminded of my Jesus who deeply cares for me. I was deeply touched that God sent his daughters to minister to me in so many ways. Not only did they bring a measure of healing to my back, they brought healing to my spirit- a fresh reminder that God’s heart is for me. A reminder that God cares about what pains me whether it is physical, spiritual, or emotional.



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